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I hope they go 0-162



chris davis is batting .198 and has struck out 124 times…..
god is so good

I want to move back with my parents at the ranch living on my own sucks and living at tech next month probs won’t be better

mlb + text posts (insp.)

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I hate it when you get too fucked up from drinking and then you can’t drink certain drinks anymore because it tastes like that time you almost died. 

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Republicans are scary but republicans under the age of 20 are even scarier

Yeah liberals are terrified of educated youth

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U okay sweetheart

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I’m all out of love.
I’m so lost without Yo.
I know Yo was right
Believing for so long.

If yo ever leave baby it would take away everything good in my life and tell me now how do I live without yo -Leann rimes

Uggla can be in charge of the feedyard and dad’s records when I go to college I guess

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I changed my iPhone font to bold bc I’m going blind and I was like WOW y’all gotta quit posting in bold y’all’s thoughts aren’t that important and then I was like…

Joba chamberlain is so cute


Not a fan of school, but I’m obsessed with school supplies.

Remember when my school supplies were on point